Monday, 15 July 2013

Dressing Table Essentials/Organisation

Hey everyone!

I've been trying to sort my dressing table out for months but i've never been happy with it until now. I spent ages moving it to different spaces in my room and buying things to keep it organised and tidy.

So here is my current dressing table set up - 

  • Magnified Mirror - This is quite a recent addition to my dressing table but it has made a big difference. It helps so much when i'm doing my eye make-up as I can see exactly what i'm doing without getting too close to the mirror. I have also found that using my liquid and gel eyeliners are easier as I have been able to get it more precise.
  • Natural Lighting - I struggled with the most as my window is in an awkward place. After many attempts to get my full dressing table in natural light, I gave up and settled for half of it. Natural lighting is brilliant, it's great to make sure your foundation is the right colour for you and that it is all blended in properly.
  • Lamp - I needed a way to light up the second half of my dressing table so obviously I opted for a lamp. Its not as good as the natural lighting but it stops half of my face being dark and I really couldn't resist this lamp. I've had my eye on it for months, it's just so cute!
  • Cotton buds - I don't know about anyone else but I definitely make mistakes when i'm doing my make-up so I like to have cotton buds next to me so I can quickly fix it.
  • Moisturiser & MAC Fix + - These items are always on my dressing table now as I went through a time where I just didn't bother moisturising which was a big mistake as my skin became very dry. So now since they are right in my view I will always remember. I also use my fix + before and after applying my foundation so its easy to reach for.
  • Notepad - This is probably quite a strange thing for me to keep on my dressing table but I use it to write down anything I need to remember to do or buy. I find it very helpful as I have such a bad memory, if I didn't I would probably forget.


  • Eyeshadow Palettes - My favourite eyeshadow palettes live on the top of my dressing table all the time as I reach for them on a daily basis so it is just easier. I keep them organised the same way as a lot of people, by using a letter holder. Its simple and cheap but very effective.
  • Lip Balms - I put lip balm on every morning before I start my make-up so my lips are hydrated ready for lipstick application. They are stored in a cute cocktail glass that I got for my 18th Birthday. This means that I always know where my lip balms are since I seem to lose them all the time!
  • Lipsticks - While I was on holiday I found acrylic lipstick holders for a very good price so I decided to get one as I didn't have any. I decided to store all my MAC lipsticks in it as I love them all so much I didn't want to keep them in a drawer with all my other lip products.
  • Make-up Brushes - I like to try to keep my make-up brushes organised in relation to what I use them for eg. face brushes, eyeshadow blending brushes and brushes for liquid products. I store them a brush holder, a small plastic container and a candle jar.

    Thanks for reading and here are some links to the places I got some of my essentials and organisation items.

    Magnified mirror - TK Maxx
    Lamp - Asda
    Make-up brush holder - elf

    Freya x


  1. I love TK Maxx, you can find some really great things in there (:


    1. Yeah it's really good :) it's definitely one of my favourite shops!

      Freya xx