Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Favourite products: Revlon!

Hi Everyone,

I am a big fan of Revlon and have been lucky enough to try many of their products. It is probably one of my favourite high street brands. So I thought I would tell you all the products I most recommend and encourage other people to try if they haven't already. These products are in no particular order as I love them all! 

Lip Butters
The lip butters are a favourite for a lot of people including me. Firstly I love the packaging, I think it is really cute and makes them look more expensive than they are. I also like the clear square at the top of the lid, this allows you to see exactly what colour you are buying. This is especially useful if there are no testers. The product its self is creamy and leaves the lips feeling soft and smooth. It adds a nice amount of colour without being over powdering or too sheer. The one I reach for the most is Berry Smoothie and I am sadly nearly out of it.

Colourstay Foundation
It honestly took me ages to find a foundation that had everything I wanted, but then I tried this one and it was perfect. I love how you can pick the different colourstay foundation for your specific skin type (normal/dry or combination/oily) as it allows the foundation to be suitable for everyone. It has good coverage but its buildable so you can achieve the look you want and it blends in nicely to the skin. The couple of drawbacks I have with this foundation is that firstly there is no pump which makes getting the right amount of product out quite challenging and it is also quite expensive for a high street foundation (£13.49). Other than that I love it!

Custom Eyes Palette
"Naturally Glamourous"
Although this is just another palette full of neutral eyeshadows, there is just something different about it that I really like. The colours are all really pigmented and ware really well throughout the day. I especially love the two copper eyeshadows as I have nothing like them in my collection. I really like the packaging as well as it doesn't look cheap and it's durable. You also get a little diagram on the back showing what part of the eye to put the different colours which would be really handy for beginners.

Colourburst Lipgloss
I have two of these lovely lip glosses and I actually forgot I had them until I started looking for products to put in this post. Definitely need to start wearing them again as they are great. They have the same quilted packaging as the lip butters which again makes them look higher end and classy. The gloss is very smooth and is slightly sticky which allows it to stay on for a lot longer. They can be worn over lipsticks or by themselves either way I think they look good.

If you are looking to try a new product but are unsure of which one, I would certainly suggest any one of these. 

Hope you's are all having a good day!

Freya x


  1. Great selection of products!!

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    Brittany, xx

  2. Thanks!

    Of course :)

    Freya xx

  3. Lovely post. I'm tempted to try the lip butters. Revlon's got an amazing lipstick collection, i must say!

    bohorush.blogspot.com xx

  4. Thanks so much! Yeah they really do and such a wide range of colours to suit everyone.

    Freya xx