Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How Much Is My Face Worth Tag

Hello lovely people!

I noticed that my friend Katie or you may know her on here as subtle coral, done this tag. I thought it looked really fun and a bit shocking at how much the make-up just on your face costs, not taking into account all other make-up you own! So lets see how much my face is worth :) 

 Lets start with face products... 

17 photo flawless skin primer - £4.99 
Rimmel wake me up foundation - £8.99 
Maybelline eraser eye concealer - £7.99 
Collection lasting perfection concealer - £7.99
Rimmel stay matte powder - £3.99 
No.7 natural blush - £9.00 
NARS bronzer - £26.00
MAC mineralised skin finish - £21.50

Total: £86.65

Moving on to eye products...

MAC paint pot - £14.50
MAC eyeshadows (satin taupe, patina & espresso) - £30
Maybelline gel eyeliner - £7.99
Bourjois little round pot intense eyeshadow - £6.99
Maybelline master drama khol eyeliner - £4.49
Maybelline one by one mascara - £7.99
Maxfactor masterpiece max mascara - £9.99
Sleek eyebrow palette - £9.00

Total: £90.95

And finally lip products...

Nivea milk & honey lip balm - £1.99
MAC lipstick (fanfare) - £14

Total: £15.99

Final Total: £193.59

Well I really can't say very much about that total other than that I seriously can't believe I spend that amount on make-up. I guess I've found out the reason why I never have any money!!

Hope you enjoyed this tag and maybe give it a go yourself :) 

Freya x

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