Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MAC Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches

Today I thought I would share my MAC eyeshadow collection with you all. I really love reading about other peoples collections, especially to help me decided on what eyeshadow to buy next so hopefully you's will find this helpful too. Although my collection isn't the biggest and I haven't filled my palette yet I still wanted to show it. I have been collecting MAC eyeshadows for nearly two years now and i'm sure my collection will slowly continue to grow.

The first eyeshadow in my palette is Shroom. It is a very light almost white colour with shimmer. I love using this eyeshadow as a subtle inner corner highlight and a brow bone highlight. 

The next eyeshadow is Naked Lunch, which is a very pretty pale frosty pink eyeshadow with shimmer. This colour looks great all over the lid and it can be used as a highlight. This is probably one of my favourite colours I own.

All That Glitters is another MAC eyeshadow I have. This one is very similar to Naked Lunch but it is more of a gold colour rather than pink. I honestly wouldn't have bought this eyeshadow if I had known how alike the two were but it is still very pretty.

The fourth eyeshadow in my palette is Wedge, it is a soft matte beige/brown. I don't use this eyeshadow as much as I should but i'm definitely going to try to use it more.  I have used it before as a base colour all over the lid for other eyeshadows and in the crease for subtle definition. Both ways it works great.

I also have Quarry eyeshadow. This one is a brown with definite purple undertones. I really like this paired with Handwritten, they go together very well.

One of the colours I wore to my school prom was Patina and that was the day I completely fell in love with it. Patina is a taupe with gold shimmer, it's such a beautiful colour especially when used all over the lid.

Satin Taupe is the other eyeshadow I wore to my prom and I love it paired with Patina. I know this colour is very popular through the blog community so I know I don't have to talk about it too much. It is the perfect taupe colour with silver shimmer.

The newest addition to my MAC palette is Mulch. It is a lovely bronze colour with red tones, I haven't had much opportunity to experiment with this colour yet but on the occasions I have, I really liked it.

The next one is Charcoal Brown, it is a muted matte brown. This is the perfect colour for filling in my brows but I have recently been using it more for definition in the crease. 

My first ever eyeshadow I purchased from MAC was espresso. I really like to smudge it under my eyes and it also looks great in the crease. Espresso is a matte golden brown.

Handwritten is described as a "rich chocolate brown" and it is but it definitely has some purple undertones in it. This colour is great for achieving a smoky eye.

Finally, I have Brun. Brun is a matte blackish brown and is the darkest colour I own. I don't seem to be drawn to this colour too much since it is so dark but with certain looks it is perfect. I like to use this in the outer corner as it darkens up the eye without using a harsh black.

Thanks for reading!
Sorry for it being so long but I wanted to include swatches so everyone can see the colours easier. Hope you all have a great day!

Freya x


  1. Love your MAC palate. I really like the neutral colours as they are great for an everyday wear (:


    1. Thank you :)! So do I because I know i'll definitely use them!

      Freya xx

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