Saturday, 6 July 2013

Make-up Haul!

Hello fellow make-up lovers!

Hope you are all doing okay, today I have a few new products that I picked up over the past week to show you. Most of the items I bought are high street (drugstore) but I did decide to treat myself to a couple of new MAC lipsticks (since when did they go up to £15?! TERRIBLE!!) Anyway here are my purchases...

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation
This is not a new purchase for me, i'm pretty sure this is about my 5th bottle! It is a brilliant foundation especially in the summer time as it gives a lovely glow to the skin without making it look oily. It is also about a medium coverage but it still allows my freckles to show though. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder
I have had my eye on this powder ever since Revlon brought it out. So I finally decided just to pick it up and see what I think of it. The first thing that drew me to the powder was the way it felt. It is definitely one of the smoothest, softest, silkiest pressed powders I have ever came across! I think it will be very light and non cakey on the skin, so I am very excited to try it out. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
            "Kiss Me Coral"
I first heard about this lip gloss through the lovely Tanya Burr. I saw how beautiful it looked on her and came to the conclusion that I had to have it. It is a bright coral shade with shimmer, it doesn't appear too bright on the lips which makes it a very wearable colour.

MAC Lipstick:
This is another product that i've been wanting for quite a while but kept putting it off since MAC is pretty expensive. Obviously I caved and decided to get it and i'm very glad I did. It is another lovely coral, it has no shimmer and leaves a nice glossy feel to the lips (typical cremesheen formula.) It is quite bright but it's the perfect summer lip colour!

MAC Lipstick:
Every time i'm buying something from the MAC website I always feel like I need to spend enough to get free delivery. I don't know why but I hope i'm not the only one who feels that way!! So to earn my free delivery I chose another lipstick. The name describes this lipstick perfectly - it is a plum colour. It is a lustre formula and again has no shimmer. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my new favourite lipsticks, it's just gorgeous!

That is the end of my little haul for you. I am looking forward to fully try out these products and have very high hopes for them all! 

Here are some swatches of the lip products...
MAC "Plumful"

MAC "Crosswires
Revlon "Kiss Me Coral"
Freya x



  1. Great make up haul! I really want to try out the wake me up foundation as i have heard it is really good. I found your blog on subtle coral's blog.. Looks like you had a fab road trip!!!

    I am a new follower!

    Please visit my blog..

    Brittany, xx

  2. You should definitely try it, I love it! Yeah we had a really good time :)

    Thank you!

    Freya xx