Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beauty & Clothing Haul!

Hello everyone!

Over the past few weeks I have caught myself doing some sneaky online shopping...and some normal shopping as well! So I decided since I picked up a few new things I may as well do a haul. I know this is quite a lot to have bought in only a few weeks but since my exam results came back pretty good I decided to treat myself! Lets get into it...


Miss Guided was the first website I visit and unfortunately this is where I done the most damage to my back account. I had been eyeing up disco pants for a few weeks now but I wasn't too keen on paying for the American Apparel ones so when I went on Miss Guided and spotted some for £19.99, I had to put them straight into the basket. Since I got them  I have only managed to wear them once but they are definitely very comfy! I'm pretty sure I will get lots of wear out of them.

The next thing I got is a slightly oversized dark grey t-shirt. I got this as I thought it would look nice with my disco pants and it was only £9.99. The material is very soft and I like how the sleeves are rolled up a little as it gives the plain top a bit more detail.

As I was browsing through the rest of the t-shirts I found a nice khaki one with faux leather panels on the shoulders and pocket. I don't actually own any other khaki piece of clothing so it's nice to have a different colour and it was only £7.79 - bargain. The material is again very soft and I think it would look great just paired with some leggings.

The last thing I bought from Miss Guided is a mint green blouse. If you know about my current obsession then you will know exactly why I had to pick it up (If not read THIS blog post). The blouse was £11.89 which I think was a pretty good deal. I would probably wear this either with my disco pants or black leggings. I also decided that I preferred the look of the blouse with the sleeves round up instead of the full length sleeves.

I always see lots of things I like from Forever 21 but I just completely fell in love with this mint and white striped top. It is a little bit cropped but I'd just wear it with some high waisted trousers. This was another bargain at only £6.50.

The other item that I bought from forever 21, is this gorgeous mint flower necklace. It is such a beautiful statement necklace and I think it goes really well with the striped tee. It is another mint green thing to add to my growing collection. This was £5.65. 

The last piece of clothing I bought is completely adorable. It is from Asda and it was £16. I didn't technically buy this as my mum gave me the money for since I done well in my exams, which was very lovely of her. This jumper will definitely be one of my favourites this winter!


The first shop I went to was Superdrug. I don't tend to buy make-up in Superdrug but when I saw that Revlon were having a 2 for £10 on all lip products, mascara and nail varnish, I knew I would have to pick something up. I decided to get a new lip butter and the one I went for was Wild Watermelon. I it a lovely pinky red colour and it is a great addition to my collection. The other thing I picked up was the Photoready 3D Mascara. I was attracted to this because of the rubber applicator as I feel mascara goes onto my lashes better with them. I have only tried this once but so far so good.

I then visited boots who were having a 2 for £14 on L'oreal. I have wanted to try a L'oreal foundation for ages now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity so instead of just picking up one I picked up two. I got the Infallible and true match foundation. I have tried them both once but a full review post will be one its way.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a great day!

Freya x

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