Saturday, 17 August 2013

Relaxation Evening!

Hello Everyone!

Since I was off work yesterday night, I decided that I wanted to have a pampering/relaxation evening! I don't get to do them very often because I work in the evening normally. However on a night like that I just couldn't let the opportunity pass so I thought I would share my routine with you all!

Before I start my relaxation evening, I like to remove all my make-up and cleanse my skin.

1. The first thing I done was go for a bath! I am usually a shower kind of girl but baths are a lot more relaxing and it's always nice to have a change. I love lots of bubbles in my baths so I like to use one of the bubble bars from Lush.

2. Once I got out the bath, I ran my hair under the shower and used my normal shampoo which is Dove intensive repair. I always give my hair a really deep condition on my pamper nights. The one I used last night was Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstrutor. After I applied it, I left it to do its job then I rinsed it out.

3. After that I applied my moisturiser to my face which is Simple night cream and then to the rest of my body I apply fcuk bodybutter (I would sometimes do a face mask before applying my moisturiser but on this particular night I didn't). At this point I also turned some music on and put on cute pajamas.

4. The finishing touches to my relaxing evening were to light a candle, grab a drink and a cupcake (which I made yesterday afternoon) and sit down to watch one of my favourite movies!

So that is everything I done on my pamper night! Thank you for reading and don't forget to treat yourself to a pamper night soon too!

Freya x


  1. I love pamper nights! I seem to have one too many... ha!

    Great post,
    Zofia xo

    1. Me too! Lucky you, I wish I could have more pamper nights!

      Thank you!

      Freya xx