Monday, 23 September 2013

MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches!

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of Fall!

I don't know about anyone else but I love reading posts about other peoples MAC lipstick collections so I guess its only fair that I share mine too. I have a very little collection but I honestly put a lot of thought into what MAC lipsticks I want to buy since they are very expensive. My collection is definitely still growing but at the moment, i'm quite content with my fabulous seven, that I won't be investing in anymore for a while. 

(I did go a little fall/autumn crazy in this post but hey ho got to get into the spirit!)

Now on to my collection (swatches at the end) - 

Fanfare was my first ever MAC lipstick and it is definitely one of my favourites. It is a cremasheen finish so it has a slightly glossy effect and is quite moisturising. I describe fanfare as a 'my lips but better colour'. It would definitely fall under the nude category but a very pinky nude.


Sweetie is the perfect pink. Its not too bright and its certainly not a nude. The lipstick has some simmer in it but it looks amazing on the lips. It a very versitile colour which means it goes with a lot of looks. Sweetie is a Lustre finish so it is quite sheer but I find the colour can be built up quickly. 

Hot Gossip

I find plum coloured lipsticks suit my skin tone the best so that's why I bought the lovely Hot Gossip. It is a cremesheen finish and its great for day-to-day wear as I find its quite a subtle plum compared to other ones I have that can be quite bright. 


Brave is a satin finish and it is the closest thing to a MAC nude lipstick that I own. I seem to have a bit bother with nudes as I find a lot of the don't suit me. So when it came to purchasing Brave, a lot of careful consideration was put in before hand. It is definitely a pink-nude but it works perfectly when I do heavy or colourful eye look. This quickly became my favourite nude lipstick.


The easiest way to describe Lustering is - Bright pink! Although because its a Lustre is does sheer out slightly when it goes onto the lips. This also helps to make it more wearable.


Plumful is one of my bright plums that I was talking about early but oh my I love it. This is a favourite MAC lipstick along with Fanfare of course. It is a Lustre finish although that doesn't seem to affect the colour at all! It will definitely be getting a lot of use since we're at the start of Fall now.


Last but not least we have Crosswires. This lipstick is a lovely pinky coral and it is another cremesheen finish. It is quite bright on the lips so it is definitely one of them statement lipsticks. It works great if you need to make yourself look decent quick as you can just through this on along with a bit of mascara and eyeliner and you're good to go.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my collection! 

Freya x

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