Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Skincare Routine!


Before I properly start this post I have to admit I'm not the best with skincare. I know its terrible and I really shouldn't be so lazy with it but most of the time I really cant be bothered. My current skincare rountine seems to be working the best for me since I have been able to easily stick to it over the past couple of months. It only takes me about 10 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening to get my skincare done and out of the way, which is perfect for me. 

I have noticed a slight change in my skin over the past few months since sticking to my skincare. My skin is just normal but I do get the odd dry stage now and then. Although because of my routine, I have been able to stop the dryness completely so my skin is just normal all the time now. I do, of course, get the odd spot like everyone else but I am very lucky to say that its not too frequent. So after all that uneeded rambling, lets get into the products...


As you can see from the picture I am a big fan of Simple. I know it is a very popular and well known brand so when I was shopping for skincare to try, this was definitely high on my list. It turns out I completely love it and it just seems to work really well on my sometimes sensitive skin. 

Toner is always the first thing I use in the morning. I just put a little bit on a couple of cotton pads and run it all over my face. This stuff is great for making sure your skin is completely clean and removes any traces of make-up that might of been missed from the night before. 

I then go on to use my foaming cleanser. I honestly just wanted to try this as I had never used a foaming cleanser before but I actually really like it. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and even more clean than before. I put two pumps of this onto my finger tips and then gently massage it into my skin. After that I rinse it off with warm water and pat my face dry with a towel. The one thing I don't like about this is the smell but I can live with that.

After my cleanser I apply my vital vitamin day cream which is perfect for the morning since it is a lot thinner in consistency compared to other moisturisers. This means it soaks into your skin a lot quicker and it doesn't feel as heavy. It also has SPF in it so it protects us from the suns nasty rays. 

The final step in my morning skincare routine is to apply my eye cream. This is the first eye cream I have ever used so I have nothing to compare it to but so far so good. Its nice and cooling so its feels refreshing in the morning and it definitely helps with puffiness. I just apply a small about to my ring finger and smooth the product onto my under eyes area. 


My morning and night routine are very similar. I use all the same products that I use in the morning but I just add a few other products in too.

These facial wipes are the first thing I use at night. I use them to remove most of my make-up and find they work well. They are from either lidl or Aldi (I'm not sure which one) and they are very inexpensive. I go through these pretty quick so I can't afford to spend too much on face wipes.

I only use my St Ives face scrub every two days and I use it between my toner and cleanser. I honestly cannot explain how much I love this product. It works so well and leaves my skin looking a lot fresher. It also helps my blemish's disappear quicker. I put a small amount of this onto my fingertips and then apply it to my face using circle motions. Then I wash it off with warm water.

I then swap my day cream in my morning routine to my night cream. This is a lot thicker in consistence and is a lot more moisturising. I don't like to use too much of this because I don't want my skin to feel caked or oily so a small amount of this goes a long way. I think this is the product that played the biggest part in stopping my skin becoming dry. Which obviously mean I love it!

So that is my entire morning and night skincare routine. All the products work really well together and I'm happy i've finally found a routine that I stick to. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Freya x

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