Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What's In My College Beauty Bag?

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm going to share with you all the beauty related products that I carry to college with me everyday. They are all very basic products that are great for quick touch ups through out the day to keep you feeling fresh and confident. 

I keep all the products in this little make-up bag. It is the perfect size and doesn't take up too much room in my bag. I bought this from Primark for £4 which of course is very good value and the quality level of it is very high. It is just plain black quilted material but it has a lovely cream bow on the front that makes it really cute and girly. 

The make-up bag has two zipped sections which I find very handy as I can easily split my products depending on what they do. I decided to put all my make-up items in one section and hair and body stuff in the other. This just allows me to find the products quicker because I know exactly where they are.

Make-up Section

I don't carry too much make-up around with my but these few products are perfect for the (sometimes) essential touch ups. My first must have is my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I use this to get rid of any shine I may get though out the day. I apply that with my little ELF kabuki brush. I also have my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which I use to re-apply to blemishes to make sure they are kept hidden. Then I always have a black eyeliner to use on my lower water line as it seems to ware away as the day goes on. I finally have my chosen lip product of the day (on this particuar day it was Collections Cream Puff in Cotton Candy) and my Vaseline as since its coming into Autumn my lips are getting very dry.

Hair & Body Section

The first item is an Impulse body spray in true love since you always want to stay smelling lovely all day! I also carry The Body Shop's Strawberry hand sanitiser as I can't imagine how many germs are around my college. Hair grips and hair ties are essentials as you never know when your hair is just going to annoy you so this means you can easily tie it up and I may have to go straight from college to work sometimes so I need them for that too. Lastly I have some plasters as I am prone to the odd clumsy moment now and again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a nice day/night! 

Freya x


  1. Rimmel Stay Matte is a life saver! Nice blog, followed:) Feel free to check out mine too x

    Cerys x x

    1. I know its amazing! Aww thank you :)

      I will!

      Freya xx