Thursday, 10 October 2013

REVIEW: Barry M Matte Nail Paint


Today i'm going to do a quick review of Barry M's Matte Nail Paint. I was recently on the hunt for new nail varnishes as a lot of my ones seem to have dried out. I came accross Barry M's matte range and just fell in love with the colour 'Crush'. I was a bit undecided about whether I would like a matte finish nail varnish but just because I liked the colour so much I thought I would give it a go.

'Crush' is a beautiful burgundy red colour and it just screams Autumn in my opinion. I was happy to see that the colour was just as lovely on my nails as it was in the pot. Like all the Barry M Nail Paints, it applied smoothly to my nails and only needed two coats. You could probably leave it with just one coat but I wanted it to be slightly more opaque so I went on with a second. One of the best things about this nail varnish is how quickly it dries! I honestly couldn't believe it. It goes onto the nails shiny like a normal nail varnish and then turns to matte when it has dried. This makes it very easy to know when it is completely dry. 

I didn't apply a base coat or a top coat to my nails so after a couple of days of wear, I have to admit it did chip a little but it is easily touched up. 

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love matte nail varnish. I was scared that it would feel like I had wall paint on my nails but it actually just feels smooth. I would definitely recommend and purchase more colours from this range, I have a feeling I've found a new obsession...

Thanks for reading!

Freya x

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