Wednesday, 2 October 2013

REVIEW: L'oreal Infallible vs. True Match

I wanted to try a L'oreal foundation for so long but I never seemed to get round to actually picking one up. As soon as I saw L'oreal's products were 2 for £14 in Boots a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't resist. Also because of the offer, I got to try two instead of only one which is a huge bonus.

Now lets compare them:

True Match: Very thin and runny. I find I have to get the product from the back of my hand on to my face really quick as if not it runs all over my hand which obviously wastes product.
Infallible: I love the consistency of this foundation, it is thick and creamy.

True Match: I was quite concerned by what coverage this foundation would give because of the runny consistency but I was pleasantly surprised. I would say it has a good medium coverage and it blends really easily into the skin.
Infallible: This one definitely has medium coverage but very buildable to get a more full coverage. I find I have to take a bit longer to blend the product into my skin but I love the finish I get after so its worth it. Also a little bit goes a long way with this product.

Wear time*
True Match: After about 5-6 hours I feel like I need to touch up to keep the same coverage and look that I desire.
Infallible: Brillant lasting time, I can sometimes go through the whole day without a touch up which is great if i'm very busy. Definitely lasts at least 8-10 hours.

True Match: Surprisingly for me, this foundation dries matte which I don't tend to go for since I sometimes have dry areas on my skin. Although as long as I powder the foundation after applying it doesn't seem to cling to any of the dry patches.
Infallible: I would say this one gives the skin a nice healthy, naturally glowing look. Which is very flattering on normal/dry skin.

True Match: C2 Rose Vanilla
Infallible: 125 Natural Rose
(Both slightly yellow toned which works well for me. Infallible is more yellow and a little bit lighter than true match but they both match perfectly when blended into my skin.)

 Price (Boots)
True Match: £9.99
Infallible: £12.29

I have grown to love both of these foundations and would definitely purchase them again. The coverage they both give is great and they aren't too expensive which is always a plus. I would recommend them both but probably depending on what skin type you come under would determine what one would be better for you.

*I used my beauty blender to apply both of these foundations. Also after application and on any touch ups through out the day I used Collection lasting perfection concealer and Rimmel stay matte powder*

Thanks for reading!

Freya x


  1. I have yet to try the infalliable, somehow I always stay away from it

    1. You should definitely give it a try!

      Freya x

  2. Is the infallible or true match better for dry skin or oily skin? I have dry skin. And which one has a more pinkish/cold tone ?