Saturday, 30 November 2013

November Favourites!

It is officially the 1st of Decmeber tomorrow which means I can finally open my chocolate advent calendar. It also means that another favourites post is due so here it is!

Essence Brow Styling Set
I have been using this handy little kit to fill in my brows most days. I like to use the lightest colour through the front of my brows then the darker colour through the end. I do not use the stencils or the brush that came with the kit but the shadows are amazing.

Topshop Lipstick
Since I had never tried a Topshop lipstick before I picked one up this month and although I haven't been using it all month I have used it a lot since I got it. The colour is just beautiful and the formula is lovely. 

Natural Collection Green Corrector Stick
I seemed to have lots of little red spots appear on my face this month so this product has been amazing. The green really helps to cover up redness to the point where I could hardly see the spots after I had applied my foundation. I like to apply this first before anything else and blend it in with my finger.

MAC Fix +
This month I re-kindled my love for my Fix +. I have used it every single day after applying my make-up and I have noticed a difference to the lasting power of my foundation. Its also very refreshing to have a quick spritz of this stuff throughout the day as well.

Lush Lip Scrub - Popcorn
I love Lush's lip scrubs year round but in the Winter I definitely find myself reaching for them more. This is just because my lips obviously get drier with the cold weather. Its great to use before applying any other lip product and they smell (and taste) delicious.

Dove Heat Protect Spray
This is the only heat protection product I have used so I must like it. Heat protects are always hard to see if they are working properly but my hair seems to like most Dove products. It also smells nice as well which is a bonus.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

Freya x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Another Haul...

You may have noticed but I have definitely been doing a lot more hauls than normal. This is simply because I have the will power of a shopaholic and I just can't seem to resist all the lovely new things all the shops have been coming out with. So of course, over the past couple of months my bank account has really suffered from my excessive spending. Does anyone else have this problem at this time of year?! But I thought I may as well do another haul since I know I love reading hauls!

I was surprisingly quite good in Topshop although I did see a lot that I liked. I always feel the need to get three new pairs of socks because of their deal. The ones with frills are so cute and I have been wearing them a lot. The other things I pick up were from their make-up range. I haven't tried any of their make-up so I just got a lipstick called Beatnik and a brown and black eye liner.

I honestly can't remember the last time I bought something from Lush so what better time to than when they have all the new Christmas goodies. I picked up two from the Christmas range (Golden Wonder & the Melting Snowman) but I also got another one of my favourite bath ballistics which is the Dragon's Egg. 

H&M is sometimes a bit of a hit or miss for me but I did mange to find a few items that I liked. I firstly got a lovely red checked shirt which is honestly so soft and cosy. I then got a grey jumper that I thought would look really nice layered over the shirt and to top it all off, the statement sliver necklace.


Dark green skinny jeans have been high of my 'must buy' list for ages but I just never found ones that I really liked. Then along came Primark and boom. Perfect. I also found this lovely black and white floral dress which was only £5.
My scarf collection is seriously starting to burst at the seams now but I'm sure I'll find room for these three. I think they are all lovely and can't wait to pair them with some outfits!
I do love a bobble hat. There's no getting away from it! Primark actually do a lot of nice hats but I chose a navy one and a sparkly black one. In the checkout line I put some of the cosy socks into my basket as well. They are cheap and cheerful.
The final bargain purchase I got from Primark was a new bed cover. I really like this one as I love the script pattern on it and the cute little pictures.


Woohoo, I finally got a fleece lined, long parka jacket and didn't pay over the odds for it!! I was so close to buying the £98 one from Topshop but I am so glad I didn't since I found this one in Matalan for only £35. I am in love with in already. I also got lured into buying the cute Christmassy cosy socks as the colour of them was so beautiful and they were only £6.

Dunelm Mill
Dunelm Mill is a great shop for lots of home ware and I love everything like that so this is probably one of my favourite shops. I only got two things from there which is really good for me. Gingerbread men are my obession just now so I had to buy the cushion and matching throw.

Simpsons Garden Centre (Yankee Candle)
Now who doesn't love a Yankee Candle?! The garden centre had a great deal on where if you spent £25 on any Yankee Candle products you got a medium candle completely free (You also got a cute like candle Santa hat). My Mum and I decided to go half and half on the offer so my Mum bought three of the small candles and I chose Red Velvet as the free one since it is one of my favourite scents from them. My Mum then gave me one of the small ones (Merry Marshmallow) because she knew how much I liked it (aww).

So that is my humongous haul!! Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll speak to you again soon!

Freya x 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bronze Smoky Eye Look!

Hi everyone, I hope you's are all doing well! Anyone excited for Christmas yet? I definitely am!!

I thought it was about time for another make-up look post since I feel like I haven't done one in some time. You may already know that I am a big neutrals girl but that seems to be the case with many people. This look has some lovely bronze tones in it which I completely love at this time of year. Hope you enjoy!
I started off by priming my eyes with Urban Decay Primer potion which I applied to my lid and along my lower lash line. I then took the E.L.F Jumbo Shadow Stick in Little miss thing and placed it onto the inner half of my eye lid. After that I used one of the bronzy gold shades in my Revlon Custom Eyes palette in Naturally Glamorous to the outer half of my lid. I then blended the two colours together. I wanted to darked up my outer 'v' to give my eyes a more smoky look so I used Concrete eye shadow by MAC. I wanted to keep Concrete concentrated on the outer edge of my eye so I just added a little bit of the eye shadow at a time then blended then added a little more then blended and so on. 
To my lower lash line, I applied Teddy Eye Kohl by MAC and I also decided to sweep it along my water line as well. After that I used my favourite black eye liner which is Maybelline Master Drama to tight line and I put a little bit on the outer half of my lower lash line to smoke out the look. The last eye liner I used was L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim which I used to create a dramatic winged liner. I finally applied some benefit They're Real mascara to my top and bottom lashes and that was my eyes done.
For my blush, I chose Flash Plum by Maybelline and on my lips I wore Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in number 19.

Thank you so much for reading!

Freya x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Tartan Scarf, Some Reindeer and Christmas Lights!

In a previous post I told you that I was a bit afraid of tartan. This is just based on the fact that I didn't (and still don't really) know how to style it. As you probably all know, tartan is a HUGE trend this season so I wanted to try to incorporate a little tartan into my style (especially because I'm Scottish). I decided to go for a tartan scarf which, I think, is a pretty good place to start. I'm going to show you the outfit I wore with the scarf and I would love to know how you style tartan too so please do let me know!
As you can see I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit very plain and simple so that the tartan scarf would stand out and above all, not clash with anything. 

What I'm wearing  
Fine knit neutral coloured jumper
Black skinny jeans
Black boots with cut outs
Tartan Scarf

When I went out in this outfit I just added a black leather jacket and some gloves. I honestly was quite happy with the look and didn't find the tartan overpowering.

I also wanted to put a little extra bit in this post so I hope you don't mind. Recently the Christmas lights were being switched on in my little city and it is literally the busiest the town centre ever is. There is always a little stage with different things going on, loads of Christmassy stalls, live reindeer, a tea cups ride and best of all - a huge Christmas tree right in the middle of it all. Here's a few pictures for you to gaze upon.

They obviously aren't the best pictures in the world but the lighting wasn't great and I only had my phone. I also bought some Christmassy things while I was waiting for the lights to be switched on. An adorable gingerbread man soft toy and a Christmas bauble with my name on it (I rarely see my name on things).

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!

Freya x

Friday, 22 November 2013

I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Here TAG!!

So excited to finally be doing another TAG post as I haven't done one in ages!! Before I even start the TAG I have to say, I absolutely LOVE I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. It is the best tv programme ever, I literally wait the whole year for the next series and get so excited (and addicted) by it. My love for the programme made me even more happy when my amazing best friend Katie (Subtle Coral) tagged me. Lets get onto the questions, shall we?


1. You can only take ONE product into the jungle (AKA your luxury item). What would you choose and why?
 Answer: I think I would probably choose mascara. Just because it would help to give my eyes some definition and hopefully distract from the horrible mess of the rest of my face!!

2. What would be your main pre-jungle worry? 
Answer: Definitely the horrors of the trials that were waiting for me. Lets be honest, some of them look like your biggest nightmare.

3. You only have 5 minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
Answer: I'd concentrate on my eyes most likely. So I'd use a maybelline colour tattoo all over my eye lid, some eye liner, then mascara and a tiny bit of foundation if I had time.

4. Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hair style?
Answer: Probably just leave my hair down and natural. As my hair is getting longer is is developing a slight wavy so I'd probably go for that along with my awesome jungle hat!!

5. For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
Answer: This is quite a tough one actually. I'm going to say Jennifer Lawrence because she is so funny and I think she'd help to keep me smiling through my jungle life.

6. Everyone's given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle?
Answer: Well I can cook but I'm not sure if I'd be able to cook in there. I think I'd just try to keep the camp as tidy as possible, mostly just for something to do.

7. What one thing about being a beauty blogger makes you want to scream 'Get Me Out of Here'?
Answer: To be perfectly honest - nothing (at the moment.) I really love doing this because I get to sit and talk to people who also love the same things as I do. The only thing I can really think of is them days where I get a bit of writers block but I've always managed to take inspiration from something and get through it.

8. Challenge - This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You are up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?
Answer: I'm not good and will never be good at facing any of my fears so I don't think the camp would be getting many (if any) meals out of me for this trial. I'd love to face my fear of butterflies though just because it seems like a silly thing to be so terrified of. 

That is it, all the questions are done! I hope you enjoyed reading this TAG as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Freya x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Snowy Day Outfit!

So yesterday (19th November) Scotland had its first snowy day of the year. Me being a hater of the cold, wasn't to pleased to see its arrival. I had to de-ice my car, I could see my breath in the air and to top it off, I nearly slipped on the pavement (more than once...) The only thing that helped keep me going was a lovely, warm chai tea latte from Starbucks. Anyway, getting on to the point of this post, I thought I would show you the outfit I wore to try to keep myself as cosy as possible.
 I kept my outfit pretty simple as I wanted to make sure I was comfy as well as warm. I also dida lot of layering with this outfit. Layering is honestly the key to keeping yourself as snug as possible while you're out and about during these months.

What I'm Wearing:

Cosy cream bobble hat - H&M
White vest top (first layer) - Primark
Flowy cream top (second layer) - Matalan
Cream cardigan (third layer) - Primark
Khaki green jacket (fourth layer) - H&M
Burgundy scarff - New Look
Burgundy handbag - New Look
Dark blue jeggings - Matalan
White socks (first layer) - Tesco
Cream socks with frills (second layer) - Topshop
Tan boots (third layer) - New Look
Black fabric gloves - Primark

As you can tell from my super long list, I was wearing quite a few items. Even with my slightly excessive amount of layers unfortunately, I did still feel the cold but I'm sure it would have been a lot worse if I didn't layer.
The make-up I wore was just my everyday make-up routine (which you can find here if you haven't already seen it) but I switched up my lip colour to Plumful by MAC.

As you can see from some of the photos, the snow didn't last too long. It was mostly all gone by about 4 o'clock. Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it!

Freya x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Clothing Haul!

As soon as November comes, I have to physically stop myself from buying things like beauty products and clothes as there is so much other things I need to spend my money on since Christmas is right round the corner. I do find it very hard to resist all the cosy jumpers and lovely 'party' clothes that all the shops come out with at this time of year. I have caved a couple of times and made some cheeky purchases...oops. 

New Look
This is the item I am most excited about - my very first CHRISTMAS JUMPER!! Oh wow, it is adorable. Every year I have always said I would get a Christmas jumper but it just turned into one of them things that I never seemed to get round to. I honestly love this jumper so much already but I'm going to hold off wearing it until the 1st December. (£14.99)
I also got this lovely black skirt that I thought would be perfect for the Christmas period as there is always a time that you have to dress up a little but have nothing to wear. I love how this skirt has a lace design all over it as it looks a lot more interesting and different. It also has pockets as well which is a cute little extra touch. (Was £17.99 but I got it for £10)
This dark green cami is the perfect partner to the black skirt. It gives a nice polished look and the colour is honestly beautiful. I seem to always go for the same colours but I decided to be daring and try dark green (Great decision). It is made from chiffon material so it is very comfy. (£9.99)
I also bought a black long sleeved top which will be great for layering under my jumpers. (£4.99)
The last thing I bought from New Look is a tartan scarf. I decided to jump on the tartan bandwagon without going too crazy. Tartan is always something I have been a bit scared off, I just don't really know how to style it correctly. Although a scarf shouldn't be too hard so I'll see how I get on. (£7.99)

I have wanted a white dress for the longest time as I keep seeing other people wearing them and I just think they look beautiful. It is probably more of a summery item but I thought with a few accessories I could cosy it up a bit. I'm unsure if white really suits me but I got this dress in the sale so it can be my tester. (Reduced £12.50)
Last but not leaf (Get it? because its a leaf necklace...hahaha i'm so not funny.), I picked up this leaf necklace. It just made me think of Autumn and I love Autumn so I had to get it! It is very delicate and will go with a lot of outfits. It also came with earrings but unfortunately I can only wear real silver or gold earrings as if I don't, my ears go all red and sore. This could also be a good Christmas gift for someone! (£6.00)

I hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul. Hopefully I won't be spending too much more on clothes but it is just so tempting!!

Have a lovely day!

Freya x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Everyday Make-up Routine!

Sorry about my messy hair and work uniform, I had just got home from the lunch shift!
I love having a simple go-to make-up look that I am positive will never fail me. It is perfect on them days that you've got work or just simply don't have a lot of time to spend on getting ready. My everyday make-up only takes me 10-15 minutes and it always gives me a put together look that should have taken longer than it did!

I always like to have as flawless looking skin as possible so I like to use my Revlon Colourstay Foundation most days. I then go in with my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to cover up any blemishes and the dark circles under my eyes. After that I like to set my make-up by using my Revlon Nearly Naked powder and apply some Benefit Coralista blush to my cheeks.
I don't do anything too special with my eye make-up on an everyday basis. Firstly I apply my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze all over my eyelid. I then take a tiny bit of Espresso eyeshadow by MAC to add some depth into my crease. I also like to add a touch of Shroom by MAC into my inner corners as it helps to make me look more awake even if I'm not. I then run my L'oreal super liner over my top lash line and smudge a little bit of a matte black eye shadow under my bottom lash line. I then apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes. Just now I'm using Benefit They're Real. To finish off my eyes I take my Maybelline Master Drama eye liner and put in on my lower lash line.

I lightly fill in the sparse areas of my eyebrows with Charcoal Brown by MAC.
 Finally, for my lips I use my all time favourite Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick in Plum Jam.

To finish everything off I pump a few sprays of MAC Fix+.
Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!

Freya x