Thursday, 28 November 2013

Another Haul...

You may have noticed but I have definitely been doing a lot more hauls than normal. This is simply because I have the will power of a shopaholic and I just can't seem to resist all the lovely new things all the shops have been coming out with. So of course, over the past couple of months my bank account has really suffered from my excessive spending. Does anyone else have this problem at this time of year?! But I thought I may as well do another haul since I know I love reading hauls!

I was surprisingly quite good in Topshop although I did see a lot that I liked. I always feel the need to get three new pairs of socks because of their deal. The ones with frills are so cute and I have been wearing them a lot. The other things I pick up were from their make-up range. I haven't tried any of their make-up so I just got a lipstick called Beatnik and a brown and black eye liner.

I honestly can't remember the last time I bought something from Lush so what better time to than when they have all the new Christmas goodies. I picked up two from the Christmas range (Golden Wonder & the Melting Snowman) but I also got another one of my favourite bath ballistics which is the Dragon's Egg. 

H&M is sometimes a bit of a hit or miss for me but I did mange to find a few items that I liked. I firstly got a lovely red checked shirt which is honestly so soft and cosy. I then got a grey jumper that I thought would look really nice layered over the shirt and to top it all off, the statement sliver necklace.


Dark green skinny jeans have been high of my 'must buy' list for ages but I just never found ones that I really liked. Then along came Primark and boom. Perfect. I also found this lovely black and white floral dress which was only £5.
My scarf collection is seriously starting to burst at the seams now but I'm sure I'll find room for these three. I think they are all lovely and can't wait to pair them with some outfits!
I do love a bobble hat. There's no getting away from it! Primark actually do a lot of nice hats but I chose a navy one and a sparkly black one. In the checkout line I put some of the cosy socks into my basket as well. They are cheap and cheerful.
The final bargain purchase I got from Primark was a new bed cover. I really like this one as I love the script pattern on it and the cute little pictures.


Woohoo, I finally got a fleece lined, long parka jacket and didn't pay over the odds for it!! I was so close to buying the £98 one from Topshop but I am so glad I didn't since I found this one in Matalan for only £35. I am in love with in already. I also got lured into buying the cute Christmassy cosy socks as the colour of them was so beautiful and they were only £6.

Dunelm Mill
Dunelm Mill is a great shop for lots of home ware and I love everything like that so this is probably one of my favourite shops. I only got two things from there which is really good for me. Gingerbread men are my obession just now so I had to buy the cushion and matching throw.

Simpsons Garden Centre (Yankee Candle)
Now who doesn't love a Yankee Candle?! The garden centre had a great deal on where if you spent £25 on any Yankee Candle products you got a medium candle completely free (You also got a cute like candle Santa hat). My Mum and I decided to go half and half on the offer so my Mum bought three of the small candles and I chose Red Velvet as the free one since it is one of my favourite scents from them. My Mum then gave me one of the small ones (Merry Marshmallow) because she knew how much I liked it (aww).

So that is my humongous haul!! Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll speak to you again soon!

Freya x 


  1. great haul! I love that bedding and the Topshop socks!
    yess yankee candles!xx

    1. Thank you! Yankee candles are amazing!!

      Freya x