Monday, 18 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Clothing Haul!

As soon as November comes, I have to physically stop myself from buying things like beauty products and clothes as there is so much other things I need to spend my money on since Christmas is right round the corner. I do find it very hard to resist all the cosy jumpers and lovely 'party' clothes that all the shops come out with at this time of year. I have caved a couple of times and made some cheeky purchases...oops. 

New Look
This is the item I am most excited about - my very first CHRISTMAS JUMPER!! Oh wow, it is adorable. Every year I have always said I would get a Christmas jumper but it just turned into one of them things that I never seemed to get round to. I honestly love this jumper so much already but I'm going to hold off wearing it until the 1st December. (£14.99)
I also got this lovely black skirt that I thought would be perfect for the Christmas period as there is always a time that you have to dress up a little but have nothing to wear. I love how this skirt has a lace design all over it as it looks a lot more interesting and different. It also has pockets as well which is a cute little extra touch. (Was £17.99 but I got it for £10)
This dark green cami is the perfect partner to the black skirt. It gives a nice polished look and the colour is honestly beautiful. I seem to always go for the same colours but I decided to be daring and try dark green (Great decision). It is made from chiffon material so it is very comfy. (£9.99)
I also bought a black long sleeved top which will be great for layering under my jumpers. (£4.99)
The last thing I bought from New Look is a tartan scarf. I decided to jump on the tartan bandwagon without going too crazy. Tartan is always something I have been a bit scared off, I just don't really know how to style it correctly. Although a scarf shouldn't be too hard so I'll see how I get on. (£7.99)

I have wanted a white dress for the longest time as I keep seeing other people wearing them and I just think they look beautiful. It is probably more of a summery item but I thought with a few accessories I could cosy it up a bit. I'm unsure if white really suits me but I got this dress in the sale so it can be my tester. (Reduced £12.50)
Last but not leaf (Get it? because its a leaf necklace...hahaha i'm so not funny.), I picked up this leaf necklace. It just made me think of Autumn and I love Autumn so I had to get it! It is very delicate and will go with a lot of outfits. It also came with earrings but unfortunately I can only wear real silver or gold earrings as if I don't, my ears go all red and sore. This could also be a good Christmas gift for someone! (£6.00)

I hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul. Hopefully I won't be spending too much more on clothes but it is just so tempting!!

Have a lovely day!

Freya x


  1. I really love the tartan scarf!! x :)