Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Snowy Day Outfit!

So yesterday (19th November) Scotland had its first snowy day of the year. Me being a hater of the cold, wasn't to pleased to see its arrival. I had to de-ice my car, I could see my breath in the air and to top it off, I nearly slipped on the pavement (more than once...) The only thing that helped keep me going was a lovely, warm chai tea latte from Starbucks. Anyway, getting on to the point of this post, I thought I would show you the outfit I wore to try to keep myself as cosy as possible.
 I kept my outfit pretty simple as I wanted to make sure I was comfy as well as warm. I also dida lot of layering with this outfit. Layering is honestly the key to keeping yourself as snug as possible while you're out and about during these months.

What I'm Wearing:

Cosy cream bobble hat - H&M
White vest top (first layer) - Primark
Flowy cream top (second layer) - Matalan
Cream cardigan (third layer) - Primark
Khaki green jacket (fourth layer) - H&M
Burgundy scarff - New Look
Burgundy handbag - New Look
Dark blue jeggings - Matalan
White socks (first layer) - Tesco
Cream socks with frills (second layer) - Topshop
Tan boots (third layer) - New Look
Black fabric gloves - Primark

As you can tell from my super long list, I was wearing quite a few items. Even with my slightly excessive amount of layers unfortunately, I did still feel the cold but I'm sure it would have been a lot worse if I didn't layer.
The make-up I wore was just my everyday make-up routine (which you can find here if you haven't already seen it) but I switched up my lip colour to Plumful by MAC.

As you can see from some of the photos, the snow didn't last too long. It was mostly all gone by about 4 o'clock. Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it!

Freya x


  1. Such a cute outfit, love the boots (: Perhaps we could follow each other on bloglovin'? xx

    1. Thank you! The boots are quite a recent purchase but I think it was money well spent! Yeah sure :)

      Freya x

  2. I love the jacket !

    1. Me too!! Its quite thin material but surprisingly very warm!

      Freya x

  3. haha your like me, I have started 4-5 layers and I can sometimes still be cold. The snow didn't last long up here :) xxx


    1. Definitely agree! I can never seem to stay warm no matter how many layers! I'm so glad it didnt but there will probably be more to come!

      Freya xxx