Monday, 30 December 2013

My Best Decision From 2013!

I have been told many times that life is far too short to be doing something you hate. A couple of months ago I found out that that was exactly what I was doing. I hated almost everything about my life and I honestly had a struggle finding out what was causing me to feel that way. My job as a waitress was starting to become a real chore which it had never been before. I used to really enjoy my job but I suddenly started getting feelings of dread every time I was about to start a shift. 

It got to the point that even at home I was constantly irritated and unhappy which is completely out of character for me. I'm the type of person who tries to see the best in bad situations and is generally an upbeat, happy person.
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 The only thing that had changed in my life was the fact I started college. I had chosen a Business HNC course which I studied at my nearest college. This was the ammunition to my (almost) constant unhappiness. While I was still at school, it came to the point that I had to decide what I wanted to do the following year. I was completely stumped. I had absolutely no idea. College seemed to be my only option so that's what I went for. As for the course, I am pretty sure I did pick the right one. I really enjoyed doing Higher Business Management so it definitely wasn't the course that I hated. I didn't think being at college would have such a major effect on my life. To put it simply, I was feed up of education. 

 Being talked at by a lecturer while I struggled to stay awake isn't a good situation. I was ready after my six years of high school to go into a full time job (even if I didn't know it at the time). So after a good amount of thinking and talking to my parents, I decided to drop out of college. It was not an easy decision and honestly I wasn't 100% sure I had made the correct chose. But never the less I signed the withdrawal form, handed it in to the college and walked out the door feeling myself again.
This post is just to show you that if you hate what you are currently doing, change it! I can't imagine how I'd be feeling now if I had carried on at college. Also don't let other people influence your choses too much as YOU are the one having to live with it not them. I'm positive I went to college to keep people happy instead of following my own heart. Which I sincerely regret now. 

One thing I want to be clear about is that life doesn't have a road that you have to follow. A lot of people probably think it is essential to finish school then go to college or university, which may work for them but not everyone. I am a living example of that!! Why not go off road a bit from the rest of the herd and find yourself. Get inspired and be the best version of yourself possible because with or without a degree, you can be successful. 
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As for what I am doing now, I became a full time waitress at the hotel I was working at and started to look for apprenticeships and full time jobs. A month or so ago I heard that the current full time receptionist at the hotel was leaving. My manager asked me if I wanted to apply for the post so I did and I got the job!!! 

I couldn't be happier. 
Leaving college is the best decision I have ever made.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this didn't bore you to much but I just wanted to share my experience!

Follow your heart<3

Freya x 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Make-up!

I love seeing what make-up people go for on Christmas Day! I just find it interesting as some people really go all out with their make-up whereas others wear very little or none at all. I decided to keep it very simple this year as I just spent Christmas relaxing in my house with my family. I still felt obliged to put some make-up on my bare face as I knew the camera would be coming out quite a lot. So without blabbering on any longer, here is how my make-up turned out on Chistmas morning!
As I said I kept my make-up very simple as I didn't want to waste too much of the morning doing my make-up. I was far too excited to see if Santa had been!! Basically all I done was apply my usual foundation (Revlon Colourstay), concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection) and powder (Rimmel Stay Matte). I also used a tiny bit of NARS blush in Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks to give myself a bit more colour.

For my eyes I used my well loved MAC palette. I firstly used Patina all over my lid and then blended Satin Taupe into my crease. To deepen the outer corner, I took a little bit of Brun and tapped it onto my outer 'v'. I used a liquid liner to create a thin line across my top lash line. I also used a black kohl eyeliner to line my water line and tight line. Finally I applied two coats of my Benefit They're Real mascara.

Unfortunately my lips were super dry so I decided against the matte lipstick that I planned to wear. Instead I settled for a Nivea lip balm.
This will probably be my last Christmassy post for this year which I am very sad about but I just want to end it by wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Freya x

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales!

Firstly I am so sorry this post is going up so late. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd manage to do one today at all but luckily I found a minute. Today I went sale shopping which is something I don't often do on Boxing Day. Mostly because its terrifying when people are grabbing things off the selves and pushing past each other. I am not a fan of crowed places and find I become very uneasy. Although I did brave it today and managed to pick up a few bargains. 

The first shop I visited was, of course, Boots!! The main reason I went was to see if I could get any good bargains on perfume gift sets. There wasn't many to choose from but I did manage to pick up an old favourite - Britney Spears Fantasy. This was one of my first ever perfumes so it brings back a lot of memories and with it only being £11 for the gift set I couldn't pass it up. I also love how the set comes with a 10ml's handbag size bottle as well.
Another bargain I got from Boots was a lovely set of my favourite No7 make-up brushes. At only £10 for five brushes I thought it was absolutely amazing value especially considering the normal price of them individually. The set also came with a purple brush holder which will be great for travelling.
I also ventured into Accessorise and surprisingly most of their jewellery was half price. I only bought one item which was a beautiful pleated necklace at only £6. I could of bought way more because all of their pieces are so nice but I refrained. What good will power!!
  New Look was the final shop I went to. This was probably the scariest out of them all, it was just so busy! Through the crowds of people I managed to spot two things I really liked. I have been wanting a bigger purse for a while so I got a nice simple black one with a bow on the front.
I am not one for rummaging through sale rack after sale rack but I did find a sheer blouse that I really liked. I just thought the pattern was really simple and unlike anything else I have in my wardrobe. Even better than that it was down to £10!
Although I didn't get that much in the sales, I am really happy with the purchases I did make. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Freya x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve Festivities!


I thought I'd keep today's post quite simple as I've just been having a lovely relaxing day which I think is the best way to spend Christmas Eve. I have taken a few photos through out the day so I thought I'd share them with you so you can see exactly how I have spent my day! Hope you enjoy!!

At 8 o'clock this morning, my Mum and I braved the scary situation that is Tesco on Christmas Eve. Surprisingly it wasn't too busy but luckily we only needed a couple of things.
I opened the last door of my advent calender!
How amazing is this GIANT gingerbread man!? I think he is pretty awesome!
My boyfriend and I opening our presents from each other with a sneaky visit from my favourite doggy!
One of my gifts from my boyfriend was this Yankee Candle wax burner and I completely love it. We decided to burn the 'Christmas Eve' scent since it was appropriate today!
Mario Kart was another of my lovely gifts. I have honestly wanted this game since  the day it came out but just never got it. So I basically spent to whole day beating my boyfriend at every race (which he wasn't too pleased about.)

Finally I am now snuggled up on the sofa reading my Christmassy book!
That is how I have spent my Christmas Eve and I have honestly thoroughly enjoyed it. What have you been up to today?

Since this will be my last post before Christmas, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you all! 

Freya x 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

All Time Favourite Festive Movies!

I wanted to do a more of a Christmassy post today so I thought I would break free from my regular beauty/fashion posts and write about something I love this time of year. CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!! Watching all the different festive movies is something I do constantly through the whole month of December and find that they help me get into the Christmas spirit. Here are a five of my all time favourites!!

The first one has to be Elf. I think I am yet to meet someone who doesn't enjoy watching this film. It is just a light hearted little movie that is filled with festive cheer. 
The Polar Express is another of my favourites. This is probably my most watched Christmas movie as I definitely watch it a fair few times every December. I watched it a couple of days ago, snuggled up on the sofa with my blanket and hot chocolate. 
The three Santa Clause movies are all amazing and quite addicting. Like if I watch one, I will watch them all. I just like how the story continues and doesn't just stop when he becomes Santa.
I love movies that make me laugh so Fred Claus is definitely in my favourites list. It is just so funny and I really like how its about Santa's brother than actually Santa himself. It just gives a nice change from the 'normal' Christmas movie.
My final favourite is probably the oldest one out the lot but its a classic. Mrs Santa Claus was made in 1996, just a year after I was born. Most of the time I really don't like older movies but this is one that I always flick through the TV magazine to find out when its on! Although this year I don't need to bother since I treated myself to the DVD.
So there are a few of my favourite festive movies. I love so many of them but I thought I would condense it down into my most favourite. What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Freya x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara Gift Set!

Lancome is a brand that I have never tried anything from but always wanted to. I hear such good things about their mascaras that when I saw this little gift set at only £22 I had to get it. I opted for the Hypnose Star mascara at random and just hoped for the best. This would be a great last minute Christmas present for any girls that love beauty.

The set comes with a full size mascara, a mini eye liner and mini cleanser. I have tried both the mascara and the eye liner but I am yet to give the cleanser a go.
The mascara is very good at lengthening the lashes but I did find separating them quite hard. It also doesn't add a ton of volume like some of my other mascaras but it is a nice change. I am personally not a fan of the eye liner at all. I found the liner too hard and had to soften it on the back of my hand quite a bit to get any colour from it. 
I have to say the mascara bottle is absolutely beautiful and really drew me to choosing the mascara. Also for being a fibre applicator I was surprised how much I like it.

Overall, I really like this little gift set. I think its a great present for someone else (or yourself!!). Thank you so much for reading!

Freya x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sleek Make-up Haul!!

I am so excited that Sleek is now available from the Boots website as they're products are just amazing and I was dying to try some more. Of course as soon as I found out this, some of their products were quickly being added to my basket and well sorry bank account... Anyway I went to collect my order today from my local boots store and I'm super happy with all the products I chose. 

Sleek do the most pigmented, beautiful blushes so I picked up three more of them! I got Rose Gold which is a lovely pink with golden simmer, Pomegranate which is a dark pinky plum with simmer and finally Sunrise which is a bronzy brown colour with golden shimmer. All the colours are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to try them out properly.
Top to bottom - Sunrise, Rose Gold, Pomegranate.
I have been lusting after the Sleek Face Contour Kit for ages and I finally got it which I am delighted about. The product contains a contour shade and also a highlighter. It is perfect as it is two products in one which is great for travelling. I got the kit in light and it seems like the perfect contour shade for my skin. 
I have really been in to matte lip products and I didn't know Sleek done some so I got two of the colours to try. I got Birthday Suit which is a nude brown and Party Pink which is a very very bright pink. 
Top to bottom - Birthday Suit, Party Pink, Russian Roulette.
I also got a lovely lipstick for free with my order called Russian Roulette. It's the perfect colour for this time of year as it just screams Christmas. Nothing better than a free gift either!!!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Freya x

Monday, 16 December 2013

Favourite Products: L'oreal!

Today I thought I would do another one of my 'favourite products' posts. The brand I have chosen this time is L'oreal. As I was looking through my make-up collection it surprised me as to how little L'oreal products I actually own. Although I haven't tried a huge range of their products, the ones I have tried have been brilliant so that's good!!

Super Liner Perfect Slim
This liquid liner is honestly one of the best I have ever used. Its felt tip applicator makes it so easy to create any eye liner look you desire. Something I have always struggled with is winged liner but as soon as this liner came along, it seems to have become 10x easier! It also doesn't smudge though out the day and the colour is very opaque. 

Le Blush
I only have one of these blushes in the colour Old Rose. The colour is like a dusty pink and leaves a natural flush to the face. It doesn't feel or look powdery at all which I really like and has quite a creamy texture. Also the small packaging makes it perfect for travelling.

Rouge Caresse Lipstick
Again I only own one of these lipsticks as well which seems wrong since I love it so much. The colour I have is 06 Aphrodite Scarlet which is quite a bright coral. The formulation of these lipsticks make them feel like a tinted lip balm as they do not feel heavy on the lips at all. I like that they are moisturising as well so its basically two products in one!

True Match & Infallible Foundations
In a post a while back I compared these two foundations to show what differences they have. It ended up that I really enjoyed using them both as they both offer great coverage and staying power. They leave my skin looking flawless but they definitely both require setting with a powder.
So they are all my favourite products from L'oreal! I will definitely have to start picking up more of their range as I am really impressed with the ones I currently own. I think one of their mascaras is high on my list for products to try.

What's your favourite product from L'oreal?

Freya x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick!

I love Urban Decay make-up so I thought it was about time I tried out one of their lip products. The product I chose was one of their Revolution Lipsticks in the colour Rush. As I was purchasing it from Debenhams website, I did do quite a lot of research into the colours as I had never seen them in person before.
Rush is a lovely nude pink with some slight plum undertones. I think this lipstick would easily suit a lot of people and would compliment many make-up looks. The formula is very creamy and glides onto the lips with ease. It also leaves a glossy look to the lips meaning you don't have to bother with lip gloss. I honestly couldn't be happier with the colour or texture.
One of my favourite things about this lipstick is the packaging! I know you're not suppose to judge a book by its cover but as soon as I saw it I completely feel in love with its sleek design. Luckily enough I love the actually product as well. The gun metal grey on the outside and the purple on the inside really compliment each other nicely. At £15 each it obviously isn't a cheap lipstick but with it being such a luxurious and lovely product, I don't mind spending a bit extra.

I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe get a chance to try out one of the lipsticks too!

Freya x