Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales!

Firstly I am so sorry this post is going up so late. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd manage to do one today at all but luckily I found a minute. Today I went sale shopping which is something I don't often do on Boxing Day. Mostly because its terrifying when people are grabbing things off the selves and pushing past each other. I am not a fan of crowed places and find I become very uneasy. Although I did brave it today and managed to pick up a few bargains. 

The first shop I visited was, of course, Boots!! The main reason I went was to see if I could get any good bargains on perfume gift sets. There wasn't many to choose from but I did manage to pick up an old favourite - Britney Spears Fantasy. This was one of my first ever perfumes so it brings back a lot of memories and with it only being £11 for the gift set I couldn't pass it up. I also love how the set comes with a 10ml's handbag size bottle as well.
Another bargain I got from Boots was a lovely set of my favourite No7 make-up brushes. At only £10 for five brushes I thought it was absolutely amazing value especially considering the normal price of them individually. The set also came with a purple brush holder which will be great for travelling.
I also ventured into Accessorise and surprisingly most of their jewellery was half price. I only bought one item which was a beautiful pleated necklace at only £6. I could of bought way more because all of their pieces are so nice but I refrained. What good will power!!
  New Look was the final shop I went to. This was probably the scariest out of them all, it was just so busy! Through the crowds of people I managed to spot two things I really liked. I have been wanting a bigger purse for a while so I got a nice simple black one with a bow on the front.
I am not one for rummaging through sale rack after sale rack but I did find a sheer blouse that I really liked. I just thought the pattern was really simple and unlike anything else I have in my wardrobe. Even better than that it was down to £10!
Although I didn't get that much in the sales, I am really happy with the purchases I did make. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Freya x

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