Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sleek Make-up Haul!!

I am so excited that Sleek is now available from the Boots website as they're products are just amazing and I was dying to try some more. Of course as soon as I found out this, some of their products were quickly being added to my basket and well sorry bank account... Anyway I went to collect my order today from my local boots store and I'm super happy with all the products I chose. 

Sleek do the most pigmented, beautiful blushes so I picked up three more of them! I got Rose Gold which is a lovely pink with golden simmer, Pomegranate which is a dark pinky plum with simmer and finally Sunrise which is a bronzy brown colour with golden shimmer. All the colours are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to try them out properly.
Top to bottom - Sunrise, Rose Gold, Pomegranate.
I have been lusting after the Sleek Face Contour Kit for ages and I finally got it which I am delighted about. The product contains a contour shade and also a highlighter. It is perfect as it is two products in one which is great for travelling. I got the kit in light and it seems like the perfect contour shade for my skin. 
I have really been in to matte lip products and I didn't know Sleek done some so I got two of the colours to try. I got Birthday Suit which is a nude brown and Party Pink which is a very very bright pink. 
Top to bottom - Birthday Suit, Party Pink, Russian Roulette.
I also got a lovely lipstick for free with my order called Russian Roulette. It's the perfect colour for this time of year as it just screams Christmas. Nothing better than a free gift either!!!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Freya x

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  1. I love Sleek, really happy Boots sell it now! Sunrise looks gorgeous! x