Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Snowflake Nails!

I honestly don't do very many nail type posts since I don't get the chance to do my nails often but today I done a Wintry design since well its Winter!! I love snowflakes and I thought it would be quite an easy and quick design to do.  

All you need to achieve this design is:
Nude nail polish
White nail polish
A cotton bud
A cocktail stick

The first thing I done was paint my nails with my Essence Nude Glam nail polish. I applied two coats of it to make sure the colour was opaque. I then let that dry for at least 10 minutes. Once I was sure they were completely dry I put a little bit of the polish from my white Essence Nail Art Pen onto a piece of paper. This colour is really pretty as it has a pearlised look instead of just a flat white. I then took a cotton bud and dipped it in the white polish and used it to create pokka dots randomly over my nails except my ring finger. For the snowflake I used a very simple design like this -
(Sorry if it doesn't look the best, my 'paint' skills aren't what they used to be!!)
I used the same white polish to do the snowflake but I used the cocktail stick instead of the cotton bud.
That's basically it! I hope you liked it and give it a go yourself!

Freya x

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