Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Quick Catch Up!

Hey Everyone,

Well it's definitely been a while but it dawned on me the other day just how much I missed blogging. It's crazy how quick time slips away and before you know it it's the end of September and you haven't blogged since January. I've had a few things going on the past couple of months so lets have a quick catch up then (hopefully) resume to a better upload schedule.

Firstly I turned 20 this year (yikes!!!!) Suddenly realising you aren't a teenager any more and you have to start acting like a responsible adult... yep it definitely hurt a little bit!

Unfortunately at the beginning of the year I lost my dog to cancer which was very, very difficult. She was a beautiful greyhound that we rescued at the age of two. I personally think a house without a dog is not a home so we decided to go back to the same rescue centre and adopt another greyhound. Little did I know we'd walk away with two this time!!

I also went on holiday to Majorca at the end of June which was brilliant. It was lovely just to get a bit of sun because lets say the Scottish summer hasn't been the best!! The week flew by as usual but it was exactly the break I needed.

Those have been the stand out moments for me so far this year. I am so happy we are starting to get back into Autumn though as it's one of my favourite seasons and it's a great excuse to get the candles out again!!

Freya x

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